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foAudits is a mobile auditing tool for energy audits, inspections and surveys. foAudits has versions for Android, QNX, iOS, and Linux devices, among others; as well as browser-based versions for netbooks, tablets, laptops and desktops.

  You can create your own audits, or use one of the audits that are supplied with the package. Audit templates are first created or placed within a server database, which is optionally provided with the tool. You can enter and use your own customer list within this database. This allows you to have one person to set up audits for a number of inspectors in advance of each days' work.

Once completed in the field, the audits are then synced (copied) or otherwise moved back into the server database. From there you can use the supplied reporting features, or move the captured data to another one of your systems.

You may also wish to see our online, adhoc report-writer, foReports.

foAudits Features
  • Import your Customer & Code Lists.
  • The following entry field types are supported:
    • Date & Times
    • Categories and Codes (you can use your own codes!)
    • Voice Input
    • Sketch Notes
    • Labels
    • Barcode fields
    • QR Codes
    • String Data Entry
    • Buttons
    • Check boxes (Yes/No)
    • Radio boxes
    • Blank Lines
    • List Boxes
    • Dropdown Lists
    • Customer Signoffs
    • Photographs
    • (new) Ratings
      You choose the number of stars, and what (e.g., 4 out of 5) to seed it to.
foAudits Requirements:
  • Android 4.1+
  • iOS 6+
  • QNX (Playbook)
  • UBPorts (Linux),
  • Palm OS 4.1+ (deprecated)
  • Windows 2012+/Win7 Pro or a Debian-based Linux distro

For details on pricing, click here.
  foAudits on a Galaxy Tab

Web-enabled Phone applications are the perfect solution for contractors, inspectors and auditors. Using only a phone eliminates carrying multiple devices and is a more natural way to work for many people.

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