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Energy Articles
  App versus Browser-based
  What devices do our Utility customers use?
  Home Energy magazine article: Audit hardware and software add-ons
  Energy User News article on Wireless Buildings
  Energy User News article about Energy Software on the WEB
  Energy User News article on Audits
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  Ask Your Energy Software Questions

Online Internet articles
  What Platforms do our Energy Customers Pick?Alternative Energy Magazine (mirror) August 2012
  APP versus Browser applications Automated Buildings (mirror) July 2012
  Pocket PC Magazine, PDA User Interface Guidelines
  Mobile Coders' 10 User Interface Commandments
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  PalmTipsheet's  What the Heck is VFS?

Inside Visual Basic
  Smart Apps Series
  Part 1 - Messages
  Part 2 - Passing Data through Messages
  Part 3 - color and Properties
  Saving Your State
  Is it DIR?

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